How long before withdrawals?

Alchoholics Anonymous has long acknowledged that they don't judge or condemn those who are able to drink recreationally without problems in their personal life. In fact the whole philosophy is based on pointing out that alcoholics are a segment of the population who can not use alcohol responsibly . I don't think anyone on a quitting drinking forum would object to the statement that " a lot of people drink responsibly but I cannot" Kratom has been beneficial to a large segment of the population. IMHO you and I should focus on our own problems and leave other people free to make their own decisions. I am sure the poster appreciates you point of view and hopefully he will take you opinion into account.

I respect the fact that it has caused problems in peoples lives and they need to quit . But to be supportive of people who want or need to quit I don't think I should have to condemn or judge people who find it beneficial to their wellbeing . Personally , Kratom has helped me a great deal. I am quitting right now because of probation but I may decide to take it again when I am allowed to, I appreciate having that option open to me as for me it is a much better option than getting back on heroin. I am really sorry your WD's were so intense. I wish you the best in your endeavors to steer clear of it !

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