How long did it take to regret actions in a relationship?

Back in high school, I wanted to break up with my gf. But I wanted her to dump me so that I didn't have to look like the bad guy.

So, I sabotaged the relationship by only taking her out to Taco Bell. Literally never took her anywhere else. And when we were there, I'd make her watch me eat their three taco thing, a burrito, three or four nachos and wash it all down with a large Dr Pepper.

I'll give her credit too. She hung in there. God bless her, she tried to make it work. But even she was no match for Taco Bell's discount menu. So, after two full months of Taco Bell, she finally called it a day with me.

And it's just as well too. Because she ended up marrying my replacement. Yup yup. The very next guy she dated after me made an honest woman out of her. And afaik, they're still married to this day.

Regret it? Lol no way. I got dumped just like I hoped I would and she found true love. If anything, I was standing in the way of destiny.

It was destiny. And I was standing in the way of it.

I was standing in destiny's way.

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