How long did you wait?

I'm in a pretty weird mental state regarding this right now. I went on a date 2 weeks ago and it was awful. But I was trying to hide my divorce and past life since I thought random ladies would be turned off from me talking about my divorce. It was an uncomfortable date since there's really no way to talk about your life and experiences without bringing it up. She was funny and I wasn't because I was nervous. I also wasn't too attracted to her but that wasn't really a dig on her to be honest. I still don't know how dealing with that will go. My STBXW was incredibly attractive but it wasn't enough to stay happy. Towards the end of our relationship I'd turn her down for sex since I wasn't emotionally in it anymore. A weird thing to grapple with now that I'm trying to date and realistically looking at women significantly less attractive. Hopefully emotional connections will override all those thoughts? Maybe I'm demi and don't know it lol.

Anyways, I deleted the apps after that date. Last week I met a lady in person and had a great time, strictly friendly. But it convinced me I'm ready to try again (granted, i've tried twice and failed...). I activated my accounts again and matched with a few on Bumble. I am going out this weekend with one lady for a date. I also am going on a friendly dagwalk with the lady I just mentioned above. Not that I expect it to go anywhere, but it's nice to have the interaction still.

We ended things very end of May. My ex had moved on in July a couple weeks after I moved out. I still don't know that I am ready. But I am going to try.

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