How long should it be reasonably expected for you to take to “learn the ropes”when you’re new to serving?

20 years experience here. I once worked with a girl who was going to college. She had straight A's in college. Going for a bachelor's degree in her early 20's. She absolutely couldn't take 3 tables at once. They gave her a third table on a busy Saturday night and she literally broke down crying. ( by the way she quit that night) I think she was just under so much pressure from school and many people have never had to multi-task before. Also I find that "common sense" is not all that common. I've seen new servers drop bread on the floor and put it back on the tray willing to serve that to customers. I've been thrown under the bus as a new person in a new place before for things that were absolutely not my fault and I was fired. This could also be a new manager trying to "show people who's boss" and you don't want to work for that person trust me. My advice, go to another place where you might be in a better comfort zone. Don't list the last place at all on an application. If you mention that place at all, just say you looked at it and didn't feel like it was the right fit.

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