How do you use makeup when you work from home?

I do a full face of makeup and since I don't have to be corporate I have been getting bolder and bolder with my makeup choices. I'm finally using all the makeup in my collection - not just the neutral work appropriate stuff. I'm also making big inroads into all my skin care stuff as I often start out each morning with a face mask or similar sort of skin care. As a bonus it is all a lot more fun since my schedule is flexible enough that I am not pressured by time to do my makeup and if I get bored of it or if it fades 1/2 through the day I can just take it off. When I first started working at home I was always in my pyjamas and never wore makeup but that did not work for me. when I make an effort to pull myself together - I feel more pulled together. A final bonus: I pan so much stuff now e.g. today I decided to do a halloween look so I panned an entire black eyeshadow and used up a white cream eye makeup stick making myself look like a panda (because all my work is all on the computer and the only people who see me are my husband and pets so why not?) and then panned a pack of face wipes cleaning it all off

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