How many accounts does Rawdota need to buy to undertand he's not a 6k player?

Hold on, I gotta prepare for this. pulls out vanguard shield

This is a witch-hunt post, jeez. If you actually watch his stream, and put your character assumptions asides, regardless if you believe he's toxic, or a dick, the question that he is not of 6k caliber should not even be the premise of your post. He has on multiple occasions achieved it, he has played and won against players of higher mmr. It is important to announce for transparency sake that I'm a moderator on his stream and his number #1 fangay.

Secondly, it should be obvious to why he might decide to play on multiple accounts. There may be times where his emotions get the best of him and his conduct summary and behavior score will reflect this. I would characterize his personality comparable to IDRA from Starcraft 2. You can either love him or hate him. Trust me, I've been on the receiving end in pub games, there has been games where he's ruined my games. I don't hold grudges, I've befriended many friends in-game who I use to personally hate in pubs. Who hasn't been on a tilt-induced frenzy.

Also, he has shared some personal information about himself and his life that should be taken into consideration. He is honestly a down to earth and funny guy. He is a passionate player, great analyst and its much easier to demonize and insult him on the worst aspects of his behavior. Tune into his stream and give him a chance with an open mind. Make your own personal assessment, don't get swayed by the massive horde of haters within this post. Don't hop on the bandwagon hate-train. Thank you. And may the immortal 3 be with you.

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