How many of you experienced something similar to this case? (Not to the extent of leading to death)

I never thought my best friend would jump me with bunch guys over some girl I wasn’t even dating. It had to be something else that drive him to betray me but I never talked to him again. I didn’t tell my parents why he wasn’t coming over anymore after that summer. They only asked me if I won when they saw my jacket was torn and I had a red eyes from the mace. I took a cold shower, put on new clothes, and we started our trip like I didn’t get jumped by 7-10 high schoolers. My dad said since I was tall and stocky men will always feel intimidated and try me to prove their masculinity. He said only fight if you have no choice. He always went over scenarios and choices with me like I was stupid. I appreciate them now because as teenager I often had a lapse of common sense.

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