How many of you here have actually fucked your lives up due to the huge losses in the market?

Loss porn via missed gains from paper handing but life changing painful anyway.

I sold all ~$25k of my stocks at the start of the covid crash.

I log all my trades in a spreadsheet, and can see wins/losses/gains/etc. Never updated the sheet after I liquidated.

Market rallied, continued to rally, continued… what I sold for $25k was worth over $300k at the peak.


Not saying I woulda sold at the peak but definitely would have at some point earlier when interest rates were low and bought a house.

Since I waited to buy a house I basically can’t afford to in my home town anymore. I can on paper, but can’t compete with the full cash + over asking offers.

Paper handing will probably haunt me for the majority of my life.

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