How many people are in your group of friends?

"Friends" mean completely different things in every stage of your life.

In elementary school, you're friends with everyone! Unless you're an asshole or the parents don't get along.

In high school and college your "friends" are your wolf pack, your comfort zone, and the people you spend most time with.

Soon as you're out of college and I'm the real world - there are no more wolf packs. I've seen some 25-30 year old guys with a bunch of "bros" but it's a little pathetic. Like you guys need each other's wing man skills why? Cause you can't stand on your own?

Once you're a man you don't need such codependent friends. You have interests, you do things that you enjoy, and you meet and make friends along the way.

And 3? Those aren't real friends those are just the Wolfpack that you're too afraid to leave.

I have maybe 0.5 friends. Maybe. Everyone else are my "friends" and depending if I'm at work, on vacati n, back home, or another scene, my group of "friends" changes.

And by the way, real friends are ones that stay with you even when your lives change. Just cause you guys are all in the same boat doesn't mean you're friends. But if your friend moves to another country and still hits you up every week and comes and visits, that's a real friend.

I haven't seen my best friend in 3 years, cause I'm busy doing my shot and he's busy doing his.

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