How many people think Donald trump should be assassinated but won't say it out loud?

This isn't a death threat at all dude. Ur really stretching to perceive it as such. I don't want him to die. There are a very small amount of people who I believe deserve to die and that's reserved for like maniacs who eat children. I really just want him to step down or for the government to work like it's supposed to. The main point is that I believe him not being in power would save lives. Also no I'm not gonna be visited by the fbi cause there's a large difference between this and an actual death threat. John mulaney literally said "the senate assasinated julius Caesar. It'd be cool if we could bring that back now" on national television. He didn't get in trouble. I don't think me asking an innocent question will get me in trouble. But you are technically answering my question ig. One vote for me being psycho.

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