How do so many people smoke weed and do psychadelics and other drugs and still manage to hold stable jobs that can pay for their drugs as well as nice living conditions?

I may be able to answer this from my own perspective, I’m 25 with a very stable job as a tradesman and frankly haven’t been drug tested in nearly 4 years since I was hired. I don’t smoke during work hours or even before, and I don’t tell anyone I do even though most others I work with openly acknowledge that they do.

The only reason we would be drug tested is after an injury, and some of us make our company a whole lot of money, chalk it up to plausible deniability.

Companies can be extremely biased, especially family owned companies. If you’re in well enough with middle management you probably don’t have anything to worry about as long as your recreational activities are outside of work hours.

I buy 2gs a week, it’s enough for me. Doesn’t hurt the bank and keeps me from getting absolutely blasted for no reason.

My advice would be keep it quiet, stay sober during work and don’t blow all your money on it.

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