How many sexual partners have you had this year?

Haven't had sex, but I have done sexual things with seven people this year.
1- Boyfriend of three years. There's was no passion in the relationship and I was honestly just putting off breaking up with him.
2- I went to prom with an aquaintance shortly after the break up (dress was expensive and nonreturnable). He was cool and we were drunk. He gave the softest, cutest little kisses.
3- A notorious horn dog I had always crushed on throughout high school. He came and I did not. He was really attractive, but instead of mutually using each other, I felt used afterwords. Like I was expected to leave after he got off. 2/10 experience.
4- I'm in college and I don't know anyone. More than anything though, I'm bored as hell. I meet a guy who had similar interests as me, so I make out with him. It was no good and I immediately realized I wasn't attracted to him at all. Never happened again.
5- Guy I had a ton in common with and shared a similar sense of humor. I wasn't sexually attracted to him at first, but then someone I didn't particularly like told me not to make out with him. I took that as a sign that I should hook up with him and so we did repeatedly for about a month. It was good and I even got off, but eventually we lost interest and decided to be friends without the benefits.
6- Hello Tinder, meet my compulsive need to make regrettable life choices. I meet a guy from Tinder and go over to his dorm. His room is disgusting as is he. After an hour of failed attempts at conversation and his not-so-subtle moves on me, I decide I do not want to talk to him any more, so I make out with him instead. It's awful. It's the only sexual encounter I've felt bad about myself for, which is saying something because I like to consider myself pretty sexually liberated.
7- Cool guy from my hometown. Really attractive, really funny. We're friends- not super close, but capable of hanging out one on one. I make it my goal to make out with him and after about a month, I finally do. I was his first kiss, but okay. I can work with that. Another month has gone by and we haven't done very much due to inopportune privacy (see: dorm), but I hope to in the future. I like him.

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