How many of you have successfully learned a language through self study?

I know that everyone's pointed out motivation, but I think "consistency" is just as important if not more so. I have a worksheet printed out with small boxes -365- of those boxes fitting into 1 page.

When people make schedules for their studies, they tend to organize based on either a SET GOAL (e.g. "2 lessons/day" in Book #1) OR TIME (e.g. 1 hour every M/W/F). It's virtually impossible to predict the difficulty you'll encounter each lesson making the former form of organization a moot point. You might have breezed through the first 20 lessons with absurd speed, but eventually hit a plateau lesson where you'll spend almost the same amount of time on the first 20 lessons on just 5 lessons. Equally so, if you schedule 1 hour per every other day or every M/W/F, it doesn't account for sudden emergencies, a baller party, etc... or the very fact that the 1-hour investment in a particularly difficult lesson leaves one very unmotivated since you just leave the lesson feeling like you haven't made any headway.

Just log in every day if you can. This not only applies to language learning but even learning code, photoshop, working out, etc... If the first thing you do each morning is to look at your worksheet pages, then this will become a thing of routine. Sometimes I'll spend 2-3 hours, sometimes only 10 minutes if i really don't have time. The point for something as difficult as learning a language is to get over the numerous mental humps and plateaus. Fuck motivation, fuck your goals, just open the damn book, and log-in, and everything else will fall into place I feel like.

After adopting this method, I've made massive headway in around 6-7 different goals, almost all of which I've been on and off for the last decade. Just with Spanish, I've made more progress in the last 2 months since I adopted this than in the last decade of interspersed on and off study. Just this morning I was in a hump, and it made me want to throw up, but worst case scenario, I know I'll pick it up tomorrow, try again, and eventually get it.

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