How many times have you been turned off by a woman's body once you've seen them naked?

I feel bad for men who see a girl thinking she has big tits but really she tricks them into thinking that by wearing a push-up bra. I hate push-up bras because they’re so deceiving. I don’t want to sound conceited or come off the wrong way, but this is how I honestly feel.

As a woman who is very fit, (my sizes are: waist 24” hips 30” and bust 32DD) I take pride in not feeling like I need a push up bra. As a matter of fact, when I have worn a push up bra, my boobs look unnaturally huge (in my opinion) and it’s uncomfortable as hell.

I hate women who have small boobs and wear bras that add a couple sizes. I just feel bad for the men who get with these girls because you’re being let down once you take her bra off!! It’s like she’s lying to you and it shows that she is uncomfortable about her own body.

Again, I don’t want to hate on women with small boobs. This is my honest opinion.

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