How many times have you been turned off by a woman's body once you've seen them naked?

I've had a lot of sex. I was always respectful, compassionate and erotic beyond belief. Some of the women weren't perfect physically, but they were divinely feminine all the same.

Once, I was having some sexy time with one stunning woman. She was a lovely shade of caramel and an absolute sex princess. We did everything from anal to oral, and I made her climax multiple times within the span of a few hours. During this time, I orgasmed about once for every three times she did. We were both dripping with sweat and the intoxicating perspirant of desire.

Well, that is, until I asked her for some "me time". I had given her dozens of orgasms by this point, so she happily obliged. I suggested she "finish me" (i.e., bring me a rolling orgasm) with some doctor roleplay. She said she would, but she expected me to play the doctor. I gently explained that I wanted her to be, and she bristled, saying that women are nurses. I immediately went flaccid. That little bit of internalized misogyny made my throbbing cock go from a quartzite rod of pleasure to a shriveled persimmon in an instant. I stopped, kissed her and sent her on her way.

Although it wasn't physical, that was the only time I've been turned off by a naked woman.

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