How many of you would be interested in an IRC chat channel for MDMA therapy?

Here's the guide and some general info below. Would you be up for working on being a primary contributor on putting the channel together for the subreddit? Myself and /u/paisleyzebra will also be involved, but to a lesser extent. The goal is to have something to show the subreddit by the end of the Summer!

*General Guide:

*More info: On all (most?) IRC networks, creating a channel is as simple as joining the network and then typing /join #channelname, where channelname is a channel that doesn't currently exist. Whomever is the first person to join it will have full chanop (think moderator) privileges for the channel and can then change settings (like the channel topic, whether it's password protected, who can speak in the channel, etc) and add/remove rights to other users who join. There are a couple things to note here though:

1) the channel will only exist with the settings that have been given to it as long as someone is in it (unless you register the channel, see below). If everyone leaves it, it resets to default settings next time someone joins. For this reason, a lot of people set up IRC bots to sort of maintain a stake in their channel. Some IRC networks have a system for providing a server-side bot to sit in your channel; the details of how that works will depend on which network you are running the channel on. 2) Anyone who you give chanop (+o) status to in your channel will have the same rights as you, including the ability to remove you from having chanop status yourself and sort of hijack your channel (you can get it back if you've registered the channel, though).

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