How is the market for web developers in the area?

Said every person without an education making an excuse for not having one...

Or, you know, I actually do those things and make an effort to educate myself rather than just "reading things online". But hey, if you had to go to college then everyone should have to! Because it's just not fair otherwise!

If it came to hiring someone with an education and experience vs someone who thinks they have both because they read some pages online, guess who's getting hired.

Gee, probably the person who has an education and experience. But you've presented a false dichotomy, claiming that you either have an education and experience or you're a fraud. That's simply not the case. Would you refuse to hire an excellent employee simply because they don't have a degree? Would you assume that a person in a senior position is useless because they "just read stuff online"? If so, you're making some serious issues of judgement.

You can make all the excuses you want for not having received an education (and they are just that, excuses) if it makes you feel better.

An excuse is something that stops you from achieving your goals. A reason is an obstacle to overcome during your attempts to achieve those goals. That said, I provided you with neither. I have not given my personal reasons for not having a degree, only stated general opinions regarding the state of education in the US. If you're seeing reasons in my posts, you're making them up.

You're rebelling against the system, right? Doind a Good Will Hunting? Everyone who feels that a proper education is valued doesn't "get it." Wow, so edgy.

I'm not rebelling against anything. I'm trying to have a rational conversation regarding the effectiveness of our current system of education and presenting an alternative that I believe has some promise in increasing that effectiveness. You are attributing a rebel's attitude to my attempt to engage in rational discourse. The fact of the matter is, it works for some people. It doesn't work for other people. Why should those people for whom it does not work be required by society to educate themselves in a way that doesn't work for them? Is it not more harmful to be subject to a system that doesn't work for you than to be given the opportunity to learn in a way which does?

My view on education and experience may be "archaic" to you (since you don't have one) but like I said, I'm doing the hiring.

And like I said, it is truly unfortunate. An education does not need to be presented in the same manner as we have traditionally presented it for it to be effective. Also, I'd like to note that this sentence is just an appeal to authority. You believe that because you do the hiring, your valuing of specific methods of education must be correct. This is entirely false. You are doing the hiring for one company and your hiring decisions are subject to your personal opinions.

If you came in to an interview and went on a bullshit rant of an excuse on why you don't have an education since you think a piece of paper doesn't properly show your value in the world, you'd probably be shown the door before you could get your third sentence out.

Again, this isn't an interview. I wouldn't use those words in an interview regardless of my beliefs. I've said that in this very thread and in other comments on this post. Assuming that because I share my beliefs online when speaking to a complete stranger whom I will likely never meet means that I would walk into an interview waving my dick around like that is worse than stupid, especially considering the content of my previous replies.

But hey, you keep making those hiring decisions that you say you make. I'm sure your underlings are grateful to have someone like you shitting down their throats every day. But hey, at least you've got your crippling alcoholism to wash down the bitterness of realizing nobody actually likes you.

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