How do mathematicians get into software engineering/development?

If you show up to an industry job interview with a degree in math, they will look at you like you are a wizard and question whether or not you are overqualified for whatever position you are considering.

I used to do recruiting, hiring, and interviews. This is false from my others' perspective and experience. A math applicant isn't rare among our resume stacks. A math applicant without any programming experience automatically gets passed over. A math applicant with "some" programming experience usually leaves us disappointed. A math applicant with a good amount of programming skill and some CS knowledge is competitive as much as a CS major, but not greater.

So no, being a math major alone does not make your hirable. It's what else you have with that major that makes you hirable. I also think it's a huge disservice to say having a math degree alone will be more than enough.

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