How has meditation helped you understand the injustice of this world?

the ability to live in a constant state of bliss and not be adversely affected by external stimuli of sadness and grief.

That is an effect of strictly concentration practice, not mindfulness meditation. Mindfulness cultivates equanimity, which doesn't transcend or evade pain and sadness, rather opens to them.

You are expressing the first noble truth, that there is suffering. I can use this insight to cultivate compassion for others, rather than put up a fight with things as they are, for that is the cause of my suffering in the first place.

Now along the lines with the four noble truths, I investigate why this violence is happening, and I find it is because of ignorance. There is no one to blame. I can't find a single person. The perpetrators deserve just as much love if not more than the victimized. They are ignorant, as in they do not know they are poisoning themselves with their negativity, hatred, lust, greed, etc.

Someone committing a violent act, or an act of malice, has lived a difficult life, in which they were also subjected to the same sort of abuse.

Admittedly in some cases this doesn't seem to be so, the psychopath coming from the apparently ideal upbringing.. well at some point, for whatever reason, karmic or otherwise, negativity arose in his mind, which he ignorantly kept feeding, twisting, stewing, boiling etc, until one day he acted on it. Do we blame him? I mean surely we want to incarcerate him to protect him from himself and others, maybe we even need to wrap him in a straitjacket. But do we need to generate hate towards him? When we do, we are now suffering also.

What are we actually hating, the thoughts he had growing up, or his inability to control them? His inability to control his own impulses? Don't every single one of us suffer this same lack of control? The same inability to control our thoughts? See, what we are really hating is our own suffering.

On poverty, consider material wealth does not bring happiness. Consider someone with millions of dollars, suffering terribly, driven to accidental suicide in his mansion via overdose. Then consider someone with no teeth but a giant smile, digging through trash everyday to elicit the day's earnings. Now if we grant both of these likely exist.. How is that?

Meditation is not to put oneself aside from the world's problems, it isn't a form of escapism. It is a means to skilfull living. To help others without hurting oneself. To live a life of action and not reaction. The world is drowning, but what help can you be if you are also drowning? Rectify oneself, and one is much more able to help others.

This means taking the emotionally unstable, reactionary element out of these sort of situations. For ex. a child is reaching for a fire, strong action is necessary, you take it, stop the child, the child is crying, but your mind is balanced, loving, and clear. Before meditation, in such a situation, your mind would have been anxious, fearful, angry, unclear. not to mention, the child ultimately picks up on this subtlety. This is just one example.

Hope this is helpful.

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