How the MLB stopped Aaron Judge from being the true home run champ

Honestly, Judge is one of the players who, to me, stood to benefit the least form the juiced ball.

He's already a behemoth who can hit balls at insane exit velocities and send them insane distances with regularity. He didn't need help getting a bevy of wall-scraping flyouts just a few more feet over the fence.

The players who reaped the benefits of the juiced ball the most were the players who couldn't make consistent hard contact, the guys with "warning track power" who found so many of their batted balls just falling short in years prior. Those are the guys who, in 2019, were hitting 20+ home runs when their highest single-season total prior was usually in the single digits.

That's not Judge. And so sure, maybe a juiced ball gives him a few more dingers and some record-breaking Statcast accolades. Maybe. But does it give him 74+ home runs by today's date? I doubt it.

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