How do modern communists propose to allocate resources?

What is this communist economy you're talking about?

You're asking very obvious answers that don't need me to reply for you to give an answer to my original question. In any case, I'm talking about centrally planned economies.

To my knowledge there has never been a communist economy, so I'm quite curious to know what you're referring to.

Not a functioning one anyways.

What communist society died out?

There used to be communists who were vocal about their ideology in many countries, such as France, Germany, and the Soviet Union.

I would like you to name what society this is that you're referring to.

You know which societies I'm referring to. You clearly don't think they fit your definition of communism, but this is irrelevant to my original question.

This is centrally related to your original question, because you say in your question that you're somehow aware that these systems have failed in the past, or have been inefficient. To my knowledge, there has never been a stateless society without currency -- at least not in history -- so I'm very curious to what failures you are referring to.

You finally mention a single thing about the ideal method of allocating resources (to not have money).

This is what I'm asking about. I am asking about how resources would be allocated in your view, not someone elses. Either you tell me how it is done (i.e. by central planning, mixed markets, etc) or I don't see a reason to continue talking to you. You're just asking questions you already know the answer to and aren't important in how resources should be allocated without free-market feedback systems.

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