How to move on from heartbreak after ILs were allowed to meet my newborn before me?

She just wanted to spend the first few hours of her daughters life bonding with her with just her husband, to let them adjust as a new little family. She wanted privacy and some peace and space to just enjoy her new baby. Instead, she was unconscious, injured, hurt and traumatised

It obviously sucks when things don't go as planned, and especially so for things as emotionally difficult as child birth. I have all the sympathy in the world for OP regarding this, having been in a similar but much more lightweight situation myself.

and her in laws who she specifically did not want there, got to meet her daughter before her.

But this is just completely irrelevant and has nothing to do with the complicated birth. The plan for the perfect family moment already went down the drain when the birth complications kicked in.

The baby is obviously not permanently damaged from missing this moment, so what OP's resentment comes down to is basically "I had a plan, but because of things I couldn't control that plan didn't happen". Not being able to get over these kinds of emotions for 9 months definitely points towards a need for some therapy.

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