How much of climbing as a support in dota is about getting high enough rank for cores to be able do their job efficiently?

No, you've gotten better. It's significantly harder to state whether a support has done their job compared with a core doing their job. A core doing their job means having levels, farm, hitting their timings, showing up to fights they're meant to show up to, etc. The cores in your rank are still dog shit and are making mistake after mistake. How do you measure a support doing their job? Are you meant to pull? Where do you ward? When do you leave your carry? Should you take that empty mid lane? Can your carry farm stacks? Are you meant to harass the enemy or just deny them for the first few minutes? You can't quantity any of that in a post game stat and have it correlate to "this support did their job", because their purpose isn't static game after game.

tldr you got better, your cores are still shit, continue focusing on yourself

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