How much does everyone reveal to their friends/family how "racist"/realist you are? How do you do it?

Well growing up in an "urban" (aka ghetto) environment made me think blacks were cool as a young teenager. I'd say any kid raised around that would think the same thing. The anti-authority attitudes they all have, the "fuck you, get money, fuck women" music they listen to and the fact that they kind of just do whatever they want without any thought of how it affects people made me think black culture was cool. It's any rebellious teenager's wet dream.

My father used to always say "racist" shit about blacks and young liberal me would always get into minor arguments with him about how they're like that because people discriminate against them, slavery, socioeconomic status (even though we were lower-middle class lmfao), etc. Basically all of my arguments were out of the liberal guide for fighting off evil racists.

I remember when I was 15, my father and me got into one of those arguments, and he told me "You'll see when you're older. You'll see I'm right". At the time I just though "whatever fuck off dad", but boy was he right.

I think the thing that made me change my mind was the Zimmerman case. I just came to realize these people are delusional psychopaths who couldn't care less about the truth if the truth doesn't benefit them.

And yes, we both went to the same school. In school, I hung around with pretty much everyone. I hung out with stoners, popular kids, sports players, pretty much everyone. I wouldn't say I was popular, but I was pretty chill and people seemed to like me.

She hangs out with a bunch of different types of people too, but one thing they all have in common is they're all ghetto. My sister gravitates towards ghetto people for some reason. You know the type - fist fighting is a weekly occurrence with them, tattoos everywhere, drug use (I smoke weed but these ghetto fucks can't go 20 minutes without bragging about their smoking habits), listen to shitty pop music, like trashy celebs like Kim Kardashian, etc.

I love her cause she is my sister, but I don't fucking know how we're related. I'm into computers, gaming, reading, sports, all types of music, I speak with proper grammar and not some fake "hood" accent, and she is the complete opposite. People are shocked when they find out we're related.

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