How much effort can you demand from your players?

You right that as a DM I can always do more to encourage my players to put more effort. I understand that I'm still a novice in many aspects outside of simply running a game, such as creating environment that offers great tools for personal growth, proving help and rewards for those that exceed expectations.

My initial post sort of missed the point and I only realized this after answering some of the comments.

What I'm hoping to see from my players is the desire to get better. And for that I'm asking for help. How to make my players want to become better?

I know I have a lot to learn but I'm constantly trying to do that. I know that I have nothing against the pro's that DM but I'm studying and learning aspects that I could implement.

I don't have lot of skills yet or experience and those are not what I expect from my players either. What I do have is a desire to become better which hopefully also makes the experience of D&D better for me and my players. Is it too much to ask my players to have that desire as well?

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