How much money did you lose during your divorce?

What if your spouse left you in the dark about all the finances and business deals they did. What if you had only one asset, your house which is barely paid for. Then they refinanced it and gave you some BS reason a couple years ago. Then they turn their kids on you and try to get you to leave the house. You have no car, just a car leased in their name. No furniture because your spouse was a controlling piece of trash. I left my hometown where all my support was to a different state to be with him. Barely any savings to your name and you sacrificed 10 years of your life, career, to support them and take care of their children full time because they were never home. I would add more but I do not trust my STBX, the entire way they obviously plotted this, their timing of filing, the BS excuses. Hell yeah I lawyered up because I don’t even know who this person that I married is anymore but I saw how evil he was to his ex-wife thinking he’d never do that to me because she cheated. Now I know why she left him.

Just a tinge bitter tonight, sorry.

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