How much should and shouldn't one take their SO's parents into consideration?

Anyway, I don't like their values and priorities in life. They're "catholic" but not really. Even my girlfriend barely had any religious instruction growing up, aside from her grandmother who practically raised her while they ran the store.

These are more community catholics. They're people who've not known much trouble in their lives so they use it as an insignia of protection rather than a philosophy to help make sense of their lives. Sheep are sheep nonetheless: it's not their fault if they've never truly known "night" (times of philosophical or spiritual trouble) and have spent most of their lives in "day" (times of prosperity which can lead to complacency). Working hard often protects people from financial troubles so I can see where they get their mentality if they have a solid work ethic.

I understand your concerns. You'll have to communicate heavily with the woman you're courting about it and see what she thinks. I expect you'll have to "grin and bear" a lot of their behaviour so long as there is any financial dependence on them, though. If the spirit that you don't like in them is in her, as well, you are right, this will cause you grief. That means you have to know her spirit and have a good discussion with her about it.

If the two of you become financially independent and she also wants a deeper relationship to her faith like you seem to, I don't see how this will be any great issue. My sister is having problems with her in-laws because her husband shows more devotion to them than he often does to her: she should have sorted this out before they married, though. That means it's high time you have a long discussion with your gf about them and be honest.

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