How much do someone's political views matter when it comes to casual dating and why?

I totally get the survival imperative of smell now. When I lost my sense of smell, I had been rewarming some steel cut oatmeal over and over for 3 days. It looked good, and I didn’t smell anything funky (didn’t smell anything at all). That third day I ate it, I puked for nearly 30 minutes. It was just waves and waves. My dumbass didn’t consider for a minute than it had gone completely rancid. Lack of smell can kill, yo.

I’m fully aware of all the Conservative narratives going around. The Common Sense podcast, PragerU, Ben Shapiro, Joe Rogan. It’s just propaganda, opinion. I’ve heard a lot of it. I don’t have a liberal analog to that, I just read some news now and again, but I don’t listen to liberal opinion podcasts or anything. My views are my own, based on facts. Not others’ Op-Ed pieces.

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