How Much Space Did You Give Your Ex?

This exact same thing is happening to me right now she said she needed some space to work on herself and that it wasn't fair to me if she couldn't be there emotionally. At the end of the day i decided that you are either with me or you're not because I am not staying in a grey area. And I regret that entirely as we had been through a lot together and I trust her completely and all she needed was space. I ended up sticking to my guns though and removed her off social media and she can still text me and add me on social media so I leave that up to her. At the end of the day if you guys had something that was real she will come back into your life but absolutely do not message her or tag her in anything on social media. At least give it a month or two but you have to decide what is right for you bro; you know her and how much time she would need, good luck.

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