How much will 35000 Syrian refugees cost me as a tax payer?

I appreciate the well thought response, thank you.

I won't say that refugees are going to bankrupt us all, I'll say that it's setting a trend with the current government and is a sign of things to come. When someone reports $1.2 billion and some are shocked, I find it laughable that they would be surprised at that small of a number. It's a drop in the bucket in comparison, so I'd just like people to actually know what this is going to cost. With that being said. I'd like each person to fully understand how much of their money will go towards administration instead of towards people who need help. How much over are we on the whole UN climate meeting already? Event he staunchest of Liberal supports have to know that the lion's share of that money will go to corruption and handouts. Another part of things to come when mentioned along-side Wynne's useless carbon trading efforts. I'd rather the money go towards putting plumbing in India to reduce the chances that anti-biotics will become useless or towards cleaning up India and China's pollution debacle.

Our public services do make quite a bit, and I'll point that directly to public unions who literally pay with votes for services that pay them. The non-union public sector jobs are making just a little less than private standard, but the pension is still there. Security is somewhat.

I can't agree that someone making $80k is the only one able to afford to put $5k away in a TFSA. At 50k, owning a modest home and a car one could easily put $5k away, and they should be putting more away. It's irresponsible not to. With the $500 dollars you're giving to charity, you must also remember that the 50% in taxes you're going to pay throughout the year are also going towards charities and special interest groups, and our infrastructure (401 is world renowned for traffic now) is suffering while Wynne offers bike lanes and LRT as a solution. The 50% is the yearly estimate including sales tax, fuel tax etc.

Without union busting and offending the SJWs I honestly fear that we are soon to be screwed by Liberal governments, and I don't say that from a partisan perspective. If what has happened to Ontario happens to Canada, we're done for and the previous Trudeau's 17% interest rates will come back. You won't have that $600k house, I won't be able to afford gas to sit in traffic to go to work anymore and above all else our public systems will eventually just go broke and nurses, teachers, firefighters and police will all be laid off. Compassion for refugees is not the problem, it's the standards that are being set across the board to spend for votes instead of caring for Canadians first, and I don't mean that as opposed to non-Canadians.

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