How much would my Student Debt be when I graduate?

I really wouldn't worry about your loan too much, because student loan debt isn't like normal debt. It's not an unsecured loan that can open you up to the prospect of bankruptcy, nor is it a debt secured against physical assets that can be repossessed, like a mortgage. The amount you repay is income-based rather than derived from the balance of your account with the SLC: if you don't have an income, you don't pay it back. I can't think of any safer debt to have in the UK, because in essence it functions as a graduate tax rather than a loan in the conventional sense.

Theoretically, once you get a job you could arrange for everything you earn over the relevant earnings threshold (should be £21,000 for you) to be paid directly into your pension as a salary sacrifice; that way you keep all your earnings and don't pay a penny back whilst minimising your income tax and NI liability, although obviously this is a little extreme since you can't do anything with money in a pension for a few decades, and technically the debt is still there until it gets written off 30 years after the April following your graduation. However, unless you were actually in a position to pay off the full balance of your fees in the first place and avoid the accrual of any interest whatsoever, which you aren't, I see no benefit to paying it off early.

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