How much of your past do you let your partner know?

Youre right. I just started on therapy, so there isnt many changes just yet. But i do know i fear and get anxious about irrational things like this. I do know it’s something I gotta work on.

I know i’ve improved as a person and that’s why I don’t associate myself with what happened and wish to put it behind. It was a mistake I’m not proud of. But I do know i learned from it, a lot. The only thing keeping it from the past is my anxiety. But like I’ve explained, it’s something I’m working on.

I agree that it’s not me, I need to control my own anxiety and feelings towards this. I can’t rely to let him know just to ease my anxiety just so he can console me. Youre right about everything.

Thank you for opening me up to this view, I’ve been beating myself up lately for things and this really helped me on why I shouldn’t.

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