How to get my [28FTM] mom [50's F] to stop messing with my stuff when I'm gone

I am currently looking in to that. It still is out of my range here unfortunately. :( It's so's awful. I don't think too many students live around here due to the costs and there aren't really any colleges here. I never see any cheaper options with multiple people, that is basically what I am looking for. Not sure why it is so uncommon. The lowest I've ever seen was $900 and that's a rarity.

I am considering moving to another city, yes. My job is mostly portable. I work from home, but I'm not sure how permanent it is so I am waiting a bit to see if it'll stay this way, which will then make that plan more viable.

However, I'd need to move a good 2 hours away to get anywhere with decent prices, and I still can't afford it....but it will be MUCH more doable and I think I could figure something out. It's my current plan though....eventually. The only reason I'm hesitant is because my partner lives here and works all day so I would not really see him much if I moved, and he can't go with me because he just got a job that he likes a lot. I also have all my doctor appointments here and it would be difficult to change everything around. But, if my job ends up being permanently remote, it may be what I do.

If anything my partner is trying to clear a space for me at his parents old house but progress is painfully slow and I'm just tired of living like this. So it's a whatever comes first kind of deal.

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