How New York City Became a Free-for-All of Unlicensed Weed

Found the moron. If you knew anything about this at all instead of just spouting out your veiled racism you would know the man in Michigan is not filing suit because POC are being prioritized for the first licenses but because there is a requirement that those who apply live within the state and can prove residency. The man in Michigan will lose. As his case relies on the assumption that the law in NY is detrimental to a healthy national marketplace and in violation of interstate commerce laws. However considering less that 35% of states even allow the transport, sale, production, or use of recreational marijuana it is hard to claim that a national marketplace even exists. Especially when one considers the federal government still considers it all illegal. One could argue that at our current juncture there is no national market place so a state cant be in violation of interstate commerce laws regarding the sale of recreational thc products. This particular part of this thread had nothing to do with POC yet you had to start spouting shit without knowing anything.

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