How to not hate each other, love, a nurse

hey! i’m a technician. i adore you nurses and just wanted to thank you for everything that you and your colleagues do for your patients. the best of us have never hated a single one of you.

my advice is to be patient with and believe in our process. value our pharmacists’ time. let pharmacists question and screen your provider’s orders—even if it’s time-consuming, it’s all done in the name of patient safety. pharmacists are there to proofread providers’ work! i know it’s hard when your patient is in pain and asking repeatedly for their NSAID but realize pharmacists are continually addressing STAT orders and much more pressing, emergent situations... we promise you your provider’s orders aren’t being ignored. (bear in mind increased turnaround time for iv meds, products that need time to thaw prior to admin, etc.)

if you find yourself needing to speak with a pharmacist, justify your need to do so when calling and let technicians field the call accordingly. pharmacists do not handle dose requests, simple questions re: IV compatibility, most Pyxis issues, etc—technicians do! technicians are to pharmacists as to what nurses are to providers.

i hope this helps. as a technician, what can i do to help you as a nurse?

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