How do you not sabotage your self?

I think habit building is very important. Build habits that support a healthy lifestyle more than focusing on a weight loss. For me, that might mean:

1) Meal planning a few days out so that we don't have to rely on take out

2) Having a few backup items to make quickly in case the rest of the family is eating something really caloric. Individually shrink wrapped pieces of salmon, chicken tenderloins in the freezer that are quick to cook, frozen shrimp, frozen quinoa, frozen cauliflower rice, frozen fruit for smoothies, cans of tuna, fresh fruit, lower calorie protein bars

3) making sure I grocery shop regularly to keep fresh fruit and vegetables in the house

4) I make a plan to go to my exercise class 7 days a week, knowing I will need to cancel here and there. But the expectation is i will go every day. Because otherwise, 4-5 days a week turns into 3, and eventually 3 turns into 1.

5) Make other plans to be active. Do you have a dog? I regularly make plans with a friend to walk our dogs. Easier than doing it alone

6) Are there times that you regularly struggle? Like watching TV at night makes you snack? Change up your routine and make plans during that time or start doing puzzles or reading.

7) Weight loss doesnt have to mean deprivation. Make a goal to find one new cool recipe a week to spice things up. It might involve a new flavor you have never tried or something fun like "country of the week"

Just some ideas! Good luck

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