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Why 4-FA is Still Awesome All cautions aside, 4-FA is one of my top 3 all-time favorite substances- only psylocibin and MDA are dearer to my heart. I hope all who read this take my warnings to heart, use 4-FA at least somewhat responsibly and enjoy the benefits :) My positive experiences with 4-FA and the reasons for my adoration of the chem are listed below, these descriptions are for normal to strong doses of 100-150mg.

Euphoria: 7/10 (with pure MDMA being 10/10); fairly strong sense of well-being & general euphoria; VERY strong increase in self-confidence; despite being pretty strong, the euphoria from 4-FA is much more manageable than MDMA in the sense that you still can filter which thoughts you want to say out loud and won't be uncontrollably spilling your deepest secrets and professing how happy you are to strangers.

Stimulation: 7/10; significantly faster heart rate, strong desire to move around, rapid speech, faster breathing, jitteriness, seemingly endless energy; IMPORTANT NOTE- 4-FA will disrupt your sleep for a VERY long time after you take your last dose, often for 12-16 hours for a single 100-140mg dose. I guarantee that any dose over 100mg will prevent you from sleeping for at least 10 hours, and I've had a single 120-140mg dose keep me awake for 16-18 hours. Note that the effects don't last this long, as the serotogenic & dopamine effects wear off after 6-8 hours, while the norepinephrine-related effects & residual stimulation can be felt for 12-18 hours after taking a single good-sized dose, though obviously all of these timeframes depend on tolerance & personal body chemistry.

Entactogenic/Sensory Effects: 7/10 (if MDMA=10/10); music sounds vastly richer, deeper emotional connection to music, colors appear brighter & richer, significantly heightened senses of touch (more on this in the "Sexual Effects" section) and also taste, though you won't be too hungry so this mainly applies to drinks.

To me, beer tastes especially incredible on 4FA, but be careful to monitor your alcohol intake because 4FA decreases the effects of alcohol similar to cocaine, which can lead to over-indulging, horrific hangovers and severe dehydration; speaking of dehydration, 4-FA is VERY dehydrating, much more so than adderall/2-FA/2-FMA, so if combining 4FA w/ alcohol you MUST drink a glass of water after every boozy beverage you consume or you're fucked.

Social Effects: 11/10; 4FA is the PERFECT substance for enhancing a night out on the town or any other social/recreational setting, and pairs exquisitely well with moderate amounts of alcohol (about 1 drink/hour, limited hard liquor, 5-6 total drinks MAX). Even for extroverted, happy people with good social skills, 4FA leads to vastly deeper, richer & more positive social interactions. The social benefits from come from the increased empathy, self-confidence, and self-awareness caused by 4FA.

  • Empathy: as I've already noted, 4-FA STRONGLY increases empathetic feelings, and can lead to some intensely deep conversations and meaningful connections. I'm a very social & empathetic person in my life, but 4-FA opened my eyes to how often I would "listen" to people without actually hearing them or understanding the message they were communicating.
  • Self-Confidence: 4-FA always induced a sense of "magic" in me and friends who took it with me, and this feeling was particularly pronounced in social settings (concerts, large crowded bars, parties etc). By magic, I mean the sense that "anything is possible". These effects were not imagined or self-deluded, either, as I've had sober friends witness my enhanced social prowess from 4FA and have likewise observed other people become fluid social jedi's while I myself was sober. A calm sense of endless possibility and invincibility characterized all of my early experiences with 4-FA, though these effects diminished and disappeared as I began using it more frequently and less responsibly.
  • Self-Awareness: 4-FA always gave me extremely heightened levels of self-awareness. This worked symbiotically with my increased self-confidence to create an incredibly positive, calm and hyper-aware state of mind. It felt as if I knew the most perfect things to say at the exact right time and could even anticipate what people were going to say in advance. In addition, I was always hyper-aware of my body language and the non-verbal communication I was sending, allowing me to adapt my body language to send the right messages and to better read other's nonverbal communication.

Sexual Effects: 10/10; before I say anything else, I want to make it clear that I do NOT condone engaging in sexual activities with someone who doesn't know that you're on drugs. Hiding the fact that you're on drugs from someone you have sex with denies them their right to informed consent, and is a generally weird, creepy and shitty thing to do to someone else. It's easy to meet, seduce and hook-up with someone while on 4-FA, and hiding your drug use is easier than being honest, BUT it's also the much shittier, sociopathic and immoral option, so please be honest. If they change their mind after you tell them about your drug use, then hiding it and having sex with them would definitely not have been consensual. Even better, if they don't care about the drugs or even want to take some themselves, then prepare for some intensely awesome sex-athons.

That disclaimer is necessary because in most situations, 4-FA is the best sex-enhancing substance I've ever encountered, with the exception being LSD during sex with someone you truly love. Obviously all of this is YMMV

For everyone, 4-FA makes sex, kissing, foreplay and all other forms of touching feel immensely better due to the entactogenic effects that heighten tactile sensitivity. For men, 4-FA greatly improves sexual stamina, physical energy/endurance, and refractory time (how soon after cumming you can sustain another erection). IME, refractory time on 4-FA is basically non-existent, meaning that you can continue to have sex immediately after ejaculating You can also sustain intense levels of energy-exertion for long periods of time and delay your own ejaculation almost indefinitely while experiencing enhanced sensations of pleasure.

The one important area of concern here is managing your heart rate & body temp because 4-FA alone spikes both, so the intense physical activity involved in sex can cause serious problems in extreme cases. I've vomited, had my vision go blurry and fainted from having intense sex for too long while on 4-FA, so tread with caution

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