how often do guy get boners in public? do you excuse yourself until it goes away or just ignore it?

I was in a line in a convenient store near my high school. The walkway was quite narrow. There were quite a lot of people. So we in the line had to stand very closely to each other. I being a usual horny teenager at the time was having this boner and trying kinda hard to hide it. But the very little spaces behind and in front of me left me few ways to maneuver. Not to mention everybody could see what the hell you're doing.

Finally it was the turn of the girl in front of me. She's in another class. I knew her but wasn't very familiar. I was in a hurry to be back because my raging hard on didn't seem to be going. But she bent over to grab the gums or whatever that were placed in front of the goddamn cashier. Her hands moved forward to reach but her hips moved backwards and my boner poked right in her butt.

Now I was clueless I didn't know what to say as it's kinda the first official time my dick poked someone in the butt. But she clearly felt it too because she turned around very quickly with a slight blush and said sorry to me. I acted like no shit has happened and said "it aight." She didn't blame me or anything but in fairness she was the one who moved and made the penalty body contact. But she smiled and came make small talk to me when we were headIng back to school. I guess that made me didn't bother that much to hide my boners anymore after that day.

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