How old were you when someone said “I love you” and really meant it?

I was 19 and in a relationship for 3 months. My boyfriend was studying for his exams at the library at night, while I was already finished with my exams and went on a party with my friends nearby. It happened very rarely that I was drinking alcohol, so my body didn’t want to be fueled with vodka red bull. After two drinks I was already vomiting and my friends called my boyfriend. His apartment was near to the party. When he picked me up he was pissed. Because of me he stopped his study session, especially because his exam was the next morning. He helped me into bed, I closed my eyes and felt dizzy. He probably thought that I was already sleeping and told me that he loved me. Quickly after I fell asleep and had his only pillow and blanket for myself, while he was sleeping next to me with two hoodies he used as a pillow and blanket. 8 years later and we‘re still in a happy and healthy relationship. Jeez, I love that man to death.

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