How to make ourselves valuable in the AI/Singularity era?

Just my five cents... ask these ChatGPT, it will probably give some good points.

How do you envision the relationship between humans and artificial intelligence in the AI/Singularity era?

There are great opportunities for augmentations of the functions of the human brain. It can solve the issues we have with memory, with necessity to learn stuff like languages, calculations, biases... Yet, AI still can't do well in human soft skills and analytics of situations. An interface that could be placed on your head and shorten the communication loop, would give you great benefits.

What are all the jobs that would be available in the future for humans to do?

Much of the non-repetitive manual work is best done by people. With superb energy efficiency and resistance to weather.

For more sophisticated jobs, I'd say anyone should be able to learn and utilize the AIs for work efficiency. A "good prompt engineer wanted" could be the line we see in the job lists.

I've already seen programmers saving like 15-25% of time using ChatGPT. There are articles that many expensive (micro-)manger positions can be replaced by AI straight away.

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