How do I get out of the restaurant industry??

Save your money. Servers tend to spend all their earned cash very quickly. If you aren't already attending college, I suggest furthering your education. What do you enjoy? What makes you happy? Figure that out, then take courses that will interest you. Like music??? Take music classes. Want to start your own business??? Take entrepreneur/business classes. You will eventually learn enough to make more important decisions about your college career. The sky's the limit from there. Just stick to your goals, and do what interests you. There may be opportunities for scholarships which would help supplement your income so you won't have to work as much. If college isn't your choice, I suggest getting another serving job (as most of them are part time). Work the morning shift at one place, then work nights at the other. Most restaurants are willing to work around their servers' schedules. SAVE YOUR TIPS! When you have a decent savings built up, consider taking an entry level job with a company you appreciate/care about. Work hard and be diligent. Work your way up the ladder. I have several friends making anywhere between $40-$60k a year serving tables at 2 different places. Corporate restaurants often allow their employees to transfer to other restaurants across the country. There are many amazing places to live and explore yourself other than Fresno. This leads me to my next point. GET OUT OF FRESNO. Saving your money is the only way to accomplish this goal.

If you're a self-motivated hard worker type of person, I suggest trying out a sales job. Companies such as Farmer's Insurance hire young people often to sell insurance. Sales isn't for everyone, but it may give you an idea of what it's like to work an entire day as opposed to 4-6 hour shifts.

Other companies such as PG&E hire people with a high school education. They provide training, and tend to be pretty decent jobs. It's not easy to get in with this company. However, if and when you do, you will have an opportunity to move up which will provide a career for you.

Good luck. Sorry for the unorganized thoughts...this was more of a rant to myself.

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