Look how packed Raw was in 1998, unreal.

There is def more variety but that doesn't this time the best ever to be a wrestling fan. You even said that you have the entirety of wrestling history at your finger tips and watch 90s wcw when bored. Hell, I do the same thing. What we can't deny though. We are living in the past by doing that.

I would much rather have another true wrestling boom then having to watch past shows. By "True Wrestling Boom." I mean that it gains its main stream popularity back like in the 90s. Back then you literally could not go anywhere without seeing, or hearing a wrestling reference or seeing a wrestler on tv. Be it on RAW/SD/Nitro or SNL, or a prime time network show.

Somewhere I heard this cheesy cringe line lol but its kind of true if you think about it.

"When it's boomin, its the best!"

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