How has the pandemic changed you?

I am not a Canadian citizen, but a Permanent resident and so far it's been 8 years for me in Canada.

I work from home so professionally nothing changed for me, but there are a few aspects that have impacted me heavily, especially the travel restrictions. I am also surprised how passive and non critical a scary big majority of people are in this country, and are extremely acceptive to anything the government says or imposes, even if these rules are contradictory or make little to no sense. I am not calling for a revolution or total social disobedience, but still.....

Also a big thing I noticed is the selfishness and individualism of many, on both sides of the spectrum. A big number of people (especially in the beginning of the pandemic) were dismissive of the threat and never bothered following the minimum rules to protect others and assure a small measure of safety to reduce the spread. Nowadays, on the other side of the spectrum, it's people who see everyone else as a threat, you leave your house, you're a threat, you have family outside the country that you need to see, you're a threat and you deserve to be thrown in a crippling hotel quarantine despite multiple tests and the ability to quarantine at home. People don't make a difference anymore, basically everyone who travels is a selfish prick going for leisure and tourism, they don't understand that some people have their spouses, parents, children who live in other countries and they have been distanced from them for months or even years. Hell, these days there is a rising number of people who are even blaming cases on truckers, the people that are doing the best they can to keep products on our shelves.

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