How do people go about using Getting Things Done?

I have no problem sharing all of my daily activities, even if it is perplexing to others. I am thoroughly convinced that they are all worthwhile, and that I am more balanced because of them.

Pranayama and meditation are two daily activities which I consider quite essential. They provide something that the entire list cannot provide because they are not exertion based. Exertion only goes so far; I respect the fact that the busy body lifestyle ends up being a mere distraction if you cannot even sit still to focus on yourself for a moment.

3 teeth brushing, one mouth washing (Listerine zero, alcohol is harsh), one flossing (preferably after chia seeds), chia seeds (3 teaspoons), hemp seeds (both chia and hemp extremely nutritious), green powder (genuine health greens plus powder, energy version or original, mixed in a half liter of almond milk and a tablespoon of extremely healthy cocoa powder, research that), shave once every three days, shower daily, omega 3 and coenzyme q-10 capsule, take out garbage every day (I am very picky about my air quality), do laundry (i'll go as far as washing my bedsheets every two days), make a coconut oil coffee (coconut oil is 60% MCT oil which is quickly processed into pure ketone based energy by the liver. it's known as the executive coffee in some circles (Jimmy Fallon said it was a life changer on the tonight show), fill water bottles (two cycles, I use nalgene laboratory grade containers like a philtre, much easier to clean and harder to get dirty, I'm very picky about such things), daily inspection of finger nails and toe nails to cut off the little bits of dry skin or nail hangers, a cycle of cardio on my fitness bike (costs over 700 dollars for the bike), cycle of weight lifting (prevents muscle loss that occurs in percentages after age 27), cycle of stretching. Not too intense about the fitness but it is there.

My cycle is expanding because all of this is leading to gains in energy. Foundational to all of this is my ketogenic diet, I eat under 20 grams a day. Six pack is starting to come through without crunches or any of that. I don't look at porn, I try not to think sexually, I do have a girlfriend but it's long distance, I deal with everything in it's right place (that involves me flying to the other side of the planet on 36 hour marathons). I think that misplaced sexuality is extremely harmful as sex is the root of all actions. Thus I reserve my mind for intellectual matters, heart for emotional matters, etc. Stoicism is a philosophy I adhere to.

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