How do people boast sleeping at 2am?

I have cronic insomnia, unfortunately 2am is just a time.

I don't boast, however try lying in bed for 8 hours and only growing frustrated after the first hour and a half, then stay there awake for the rest...

This is not my choice.

People who boast are people who think time awake is something held over others... such as politicians, and we all know they are not honest.

My sleep schedule is 2-4 hours every 18 hours. That means I'm awake and active for 18 hours and sleep 2-4 hours.

Sometimes less, my worst 36 hours straight.

Unfortunately it means my body does not repair itself as my mind does not hit REM sleep.

Try pushing your self aslong as you can untill you pass out... physically you drain and mentally your suffering.

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