How do people bot lane??

The thing is playing Leona isnt to great right now cos if you got a coward adc that refuses to fight

Leona main here. I keep a pretty level head while playing League but one way to instantly put me on tilt is exactly this. I intent Leona in champ select every game so my ADC see's it and I figure if they don't want to play an agro lane then they'll tell me to swap. Nope. Never. I get into game and they play so scared with a Leona it's the most boring thing in the entire world. Truly rage inducing standing there doing nothing for 10-15 minutes because ADC is too scared to play laning phase and didn't ask for a sustain support.

I started pinging my ADC in pregame chat to get find out which support fits their play style. I only get a response probably 25% of the time....

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