How to get people listening to your beats without making "type beats"?

Yes you are absolutely correct that the top producers will not like you if you make type beats and type beat producers make wack beats. You are also correct in your ways of being so self contentious on the internet even though you can just delete your account and start a new.... based kash is part of 808 mafia.... and he is really young... So if you want to start making beats and putting them on the internet with the title "type beat" for views, do so. Because this guy does, and Southside isn't calling him everyday saying hes a bitch for making type beats.

I know this was really agressive but it just annoyes me that the assholes got to you and made you really think that type beats are bad. Also, i noticed that you said "It kills creativity, it should be supposed to be an art right? Trying out new things, not following/copying anybody. Just expressing yourself." This is not correct, basically when you make type beats you are just posting a beat that you made on the fly without really copying anyone but you are just giving it a title. You could make a super slow sad beat and name it a lil pump type beat... its literally just for clicks. I wouldn't recommend that tactic though because if someone sees that it isn't a pump beat after clicking on it for exactly that, they will click off. Just make whatever you want to make and name it after an artist you want to rap on it and your good. This is the equivalent of making a pack of beats and sending them to particular artists... everyone knows what artist would hop on a certain beat, its just that the producers on the internet need a way for other people to actually find this stuff. I typed this up in 3 minutes so.... if you don't give a shit its alright.

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