How to play Ah Muzen Cab optimally?

He's a hunter with a high ability-based kit. You have his swarm, honey, and stinger all of which does insane damage on a relatively low cooldown. People usually try to go Transcendence, Talaria Boots, and into a Crusher. Those are fine but if you ignore the fact that you're a hunter, you will lose DPS potential. Throw him an Asi, Executioner, and Qin Sais along with those previously mentioned, and your build is going to look great. Maybe even replace boots with Runeforged Hammer or Bloodforge and voila. My favourite build is starting with Mage's Blessing and Tier 1 Runeforged Hammer. Build Warrior boots first then Runeforged, Asi, Executioner, and then build according to their team. For abilities, I always max 2 4 1 3. The damage on honey is nice but I only use the honey to finish off weak minions or to ping someone on the map. A jungler around the corner? Pop him full of bees and back off. I never try to actively use its damage because I'd rather have the movement speed, health regen., and attack speed bonuses that my hives give me. So, Swarm, Stinger, Hives, and finally Honey.

Ah Muzen Cab used to be one of the worst characters in the game because the map design didn't favour him and his hives didn't really help him on a larger scale, unlike now. Nowadays, I would put Ah Muzen Cab more in the bruiser-type hunters. I believe he shines the most in middle and solo lane since your hives are out of the way so that if the enemy goes to destroy them, they waste time doing so, and if they don't, you get free wards because the areas around those lanes are tightly packed so you can place them in chokepoints.

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