How do YOU play crusader kings 2?

How long have you been playing ck2? What dlc do you have?

Less than 2 years, everyone except Sunset Invasion and fans' favourites Shits&Giggles and Fake China.

What is your favorite start date? Favorite starting ruler?

867, since I play only with HIP, custom Rumân ruler. You're at the gates of Europe under a foreign Kingdom with lots of pagans around and you must carve a nation for your people, the only true heirs of the Roman Empire, with just the rebellious ERE potentially on your side.

Do you change the default options? If so, which ones do you change and why?

I change them on the run based on what it makes most sense to me. I like playing with halved vassals and demesne limits and diplo range, no matrilineal marriage, and 2x slower de jure drift. But I allow matrilineal marriages near mid-game and I basically slowly open up the world towards the end (allow interfaith marriages, standard diplo range, standard vassal and demesne limits to open to some sort of absolutism, etc)

How do you generally decide when to stop playing one of your save files? Are you a setter of goals? A world conqueror? A horseman? A completionist?

When the end date comes. I don't set any goals, but I more or less know what I want to do, which usually is to build a RL nation for a people that shouldn't have one in CK timeframe, or for a minor culture in general.

Do you use mods? If so, what mods do you use?

HIP, waiting for RIRSEI, hoping they'll have a similar map. The map is very important, because it naturally adds difficulty to the game. I can't even stand to look at those huge vanilla blocks anymore.

What is the highest scoring game you’ve played in vanilla ironman?

I don't play ironman, I want to be able to fix AI stupidity and gameplay/mechanics limits, and kill the Glitterhoofs. When the AI selects a foreign homosexual lowborn wife for my ruler I instantly kill her.

What is the most bizarre thing you’ve done or have happen to you while playing?

Nothing spectacular. I like the narrative, not the single over the top memish thing.

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