How do you Poles feel about Americans coming to live in Poland?

Sorry didn't mean to get's just really frustrating and negatively impacting the quality of my life. Life in America isn't what it once was 30 years ago.

Thanks for your insightful post. I'm not sure how living in a more restrictive society would affect me....I guess I'm just concerning myself with the day-to-day life.

You've given me much to consider that I did not know existed in Poland.

Also seems like I could move to Poland tomorrow, live there for the next 40 years, and I still would not fully understand every intricate detail of Polish society as say someone who was born and raised there.

I wonder if that mentally takes a toll on some long-term American immigrants into Poland? Especially those who moved to Poland in their 30s or older.

I wonder if despite my dislike for "current year America"...due to me being old than I so indoctrinated into the American way of doing things that my brain will never fully latch on to Polish way of life/society/culture/etc?

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